What’s the dumbest philosophical mistake?

Aristotle, the inventor of logic and science, considered “Petito Principii” to be the stupidest error. This oversight, also known as “Asserting The Thesis,” “Begging The Question,” or sometimes “Circular Argument” is when someone merely repeats their conclusion or their claim, or restates it in a different way, but doesn’t actually support it by presenting facts…

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Why don’t you stop trying to colonize Mars and take care of the Earth?

Feminism is, in some regards, the triumph of the ‘cultural’ culture, AKA alpha-male culture. Remarkably, it’s actually the nerds – the beta males – who are the ideological opposite of the feminists, because they represent Man’s intellectual and physical mastery over nature, plus they aren’t very cool or articulate ergo they get friend-zoned immediately. Not…

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Bottle Gardeners

Bottle Gardeners “How do you get all the plants in those little bottles?”  He was filthy, covered in old ice cream or something; maybe he was eight.  At least he didn’t smell.            “Well, you use a funnel for the dirt, and a stick for the plants.  But you can’t just stuff the plants in there.…

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What color is the bear?

The Bear Hunter This is a mapping puzzle. Drawing a picture, or having a map might help. Part one is 3–out-5 difficult (unless you’ve heard it). Part two is 5-for-5 hard.  Famous part 1  A man leaves home, and walks a mile south.  He hasn’t found a bear, so he turns east, and continues walking.…

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What’s the difference between a brain-washing theory and a brain-dirtying theory?

I have a theory that one way to help people (de)program our conditioned responses is to learn the structures of minds that create the pattern, so we can become CONSCIOUS of what we install in our ‘authority muscle.’ Before I describe a theory about that structure and the language I think will sell for telling people about…

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Find X; the diagonal of a rectangle inscribed in a quarter of a circle

I really like this puzzle because it does such a good job of illustrating the essential approach to all problem-solving; identifying principles working together, then using them to narrow down the possibilities, ideally to just one result. Sherlock Holmes’ most famous line teaches the same lesson: “once you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however…

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