Cannibal Trolls, Omphalos Stones and Thales’ Revolution – PDF Download


From bad teachers to telemarketers, trolls and other dishonest communicators abound, and they are like sand in the gears of civilization. Some folks say online trolls are deliberately scuttling our forums to make people think discussion has no purpose.

Learn effective methods to identify, expose, teach them better or shut them down; this book contains a comprehensive theory based on proven principles and tactics for disempowering manipulative tactics of all kinds, including the most toxic from the narcopaths who use the internet as their primal scream therapy.

Free consultation for any purchaser who discovers a trolling tactic that it doesn’t prepare you for. I’ll also give you credit for related updates in future editions.

Fee consultation at reasonable rates is also available to help you learn the techniques for wrecking bullshit in any context.

Special discounts available for students or admitted internet trolls.

Copyright includes your option to copy individual arguments and explanations for non-commercial purposes in piecemeal format to aid your own efforts with “the mission.”

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I solved the troll game in 2017 – they have no winning moves against
correct play that reliably detonates all styles of rhetorical nonsense – learn how anyone can shut it down anywhere.


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