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Frontiers Of The Spacetime Theater explores the placebo effect on our theories of mind and vice-versa, based on the framework first described by Julian Jaynes. Leaning on historical examples, the ultimate goal is to gain more control over our unconscious minds by knowing how it works … and how to communicate with it. After 20 years, I can assure you; it works. Copyright 1994, originally “Magic 2000”

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The War on Culture Download


The War On Culture(s) describes an ancient philosophical error which has caused multiple difficulties for at least 2,500 years, including most of our current political strife. Learn how to recognize when it’s an issue in your own life, and how to do something effective about it, based on an even older geometrical idea which seems to be an artifact of our consciousness and it’s use of metaphors to communicate.

The core of the work are three antique parables and some analysis based on modern communication theory; these three well-known dramatic narratives are shown to have preserved certain moral principles in a hidden way, and they can guide us true when faced with the same situations in our own lives, including some of the situations that we all face, together.

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